Clos Fleuri Pension De Chats - Home from Home for Cats

At this moment in time we are FULL for Christmas/New Year.  However, I will be starting a waiting list, so if you want to be added to it please contact us as soon as possible.

We have made a small alteration to the 'lodgings' and now have a connecting suite!  A few customers have 3 cats and as the double pens aren't really suitable for 3 cats we've put a cat flap between one double and a single so the cats will have the choice of which one they prefer to sleep in - if they all 3 chose the same one that's their decision but food, water, litter and everything else will be available in both.  If cats have trouble using a cat flap it will be hooked open for them.  But please don't worry if you only have one or 2 cats and don't need this facility - it will be locked at all other times and a cover put over it so cats can't see each other.

I have been actively helping Acorn Cat Rescue a cat rescue/rehoming association run by Lynda and Trevor Atkins.  I go and play with the kittens as often as I can and really enjoy it.  It helps the kittens get accustomed to other people besides Lynda and Trevor, helps them develop their play skills and socialise them.  Lynda and Trevor do an excellent job caring for these kittens/cats and rehoming them.  If you want any further information either contact me or check out their website

Due to the workload with the cattery, courses and family I have resigned from the admin team of SWAT as I felt I couldn't give it the time it deserved. I will continue to support them in any way I can and wish them every success for the future.

We have just had an enjoyable few days away in the Langeudoc region of France and down on the Mediterranean coast.  We stayed at a lovely hotel within sight of the old city of Carcassonne walls and really loved that area.  I wasn't so keen on the coastal area - to be honest it was like Blackpool with extra sunshine, a bit too touristy for my liking.  It was lovely to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days, just chill out and enjoy the scenery, but I was glad to get home to my purrbabies.  Thank you Paul for doing an excellent job pet/house sitting.


Dinner time in our house, from left to right Smudge, Majik, Marmalade and Toast.



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