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At this moment in time we are FULL for Christmas/New Year.  However, I will be starting a waiting list, so if you want to be added to it please contact us as soon as possible.

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I have to report we said 'goodbye' to our gentle giant Smudge.  Sadly he was the victim of a traffic accident outside our house but was killed instantly so did not suffer in any way.  Smudge had been with us 7 years and is going to be so sadly missed.  He was 'big brother' to Majik and the two wobbly cats - who all adored him.  He was so laid back and had such a wonderful gentle nature that it always came as a bit of a shock whenever he brought any 'kill' home.  He would sit patiently for hours waiting for a 'snack' to come along, he didn't expend a lot of energy and for that reason we honestly thought he would be with us till he was an old man.  Sadly it wasn't to be - he had a ticket to cross the Rainbow Bridge and decided to use it.  Sleep well by beautiful boy, we are going to miss you so much.  Love you forever xxxxxx

I have been actively helping Acorn Cat Rescue a cat rescue/rehoming association run by Lynda and Trevor Atkins.  I go and play with the kittens as often as I can and really enjoy it.  It helps the kittens get accustomed to other people besides Lynda and Trevor, helps them develop their play skills and socialise them.  Lynda and Trevor do an excellent job caring for these kittens/cats and rehoming them.  If you want any further information either contact me or check out their website

Winter is fast approaching and our cats are beginning to spend more time indoors, although this last couple of weeks have been exceptionally mild and dry.  It never ceases to amaze me that a cat can sleep for up to 18 hours a day - and not need a comfort break!  I wish I had their bladder control!  Girlie cat Marjik has always been a lap cat and as soon as there is a chill in the air she is indoors on my lap.  And I LOVE it, what a way to round of a busy day - kitty cuddles, a totally de-stressing experience.  And they seem to stop shedding hair this time of year which is always a good thing.


Dinner time in our house, from left to right Smudge, Majik, Marmalade and Toast.



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