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We have just returned from another wonderful holiday in Barbados, but its probably going to be the last as I really don't handle long haul flights very well, especially when there's the added flights to and from the UK to contend with.  But we had a lovely time even though I missed my purrbabies a lot - it was nice to get back and have cuddles with them.  A huge THANK YOU to Paul our pet sitter for doing such a great job with them and the chickens, despite having limited use of one hand - thats another story!  Now its back to the nitty gritty and everyday living.

Bookings are coming in now for Easter and early summer, so if you are planning a trip away please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a place - don't leave it till the last minute. 

We have a 'stray' hanging around the garden most evenings, can't get near her as she is very timid, but our cat Majik seems to have befriended her.  I think she belongs to one of the new houses just down the road from us but as she is in our garden most nights I don't think she's allowed in their house overnight. To ensure she doesn't go hungry I am putting a bowl of cat biscuits down for her  in our wood shed.  This is very dry, has access at both ends so she won't feel trapped and I've even put an old cat igloo in there for her.  She doesn't need water as we have various bird bowls dotted round the garden.  Maybe one day she'll feel confident enough to come closer.  I can't bear to think any cat could be cold and hungry.  

If you are thinking of getting a kitten (or two or more!!!)  Acorn Association based near Mussidan have plenty of abandoned kittens looking for their forever home.  I go regularly to play with them and help socialise them so they are not nervous of strangers.  It also helps if they are handled a lot as they come to trust us humans.  They are all adorable and are offered for adoption having been vaccinated, microchipped, de-parasited and, if old enough, sterilised.  There is an adoption fee payable for each cat.  If you want any further information please contact me or look at their website www.associationacorn.com

Our cats continue to give us a lot of pleasure - and hard work.  Wobbly cat Marmalade has taken an aversion to litter trays and insists on going outside to do his toilet, which is fine if it isn't the middle of the night!  We've discovered he can use a cat flap - he followed our 'normal' cat Majik through hers - so we have replaced our old French doors with new ones with a cat flap fitter.  And believe it or not, they won't go near it!  We've also extended their garden so they have more room round the side of the house and as autumn sets in this is an ideal sun trap for them.

Girlie cat Majik has developed her normal winter 'pot belly'.  Too much eating and sleeping results in her looking like she's swallowed a football!  But it will go come spring when she spends most of her time hunting in the fields.  She's a real homely cuddle cat.  Most evenings she's curled up on my lap which is lovely.

Our great-grandson Freddie continues to thrive and is such a handsome lad (I am biased!).  Our grand-daughter sends us photos and updates on a regular basis and its almost as good as being there - not quite, I do miss the cuddles.  He's learning new things every day now and taking a great interest in life.  Can't wait to see him again when I pop over to the UK in March. Thank you Megan and Richie for this little bundle of joy.

Thank you to all our customers, old and new, and their cats for helping with the continued success of Clos Fleuri.  We really do appreciate you.


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